Rehydrinse™ 1-Step Coat Protector + Conditioner

Rehydrinse™ 1-Step Coat Protector + Conditioner

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EquiFUSE products are one of FMP’s best kept secret. EquiFUSE is what helps our Friesians grow out their long hair and keeps our horse’s coats super shiny! We have tried every hair product on the market and haven't found anything that comes close to EquiFUSE. We know you will love them too! 

Equifuse Rehydrinse 1 Step Coat Protector + Conditioner is an all-in-one grooming product to help your horse have the best coat! The nurturing blend of proteins and moisturizers will hydrate, fortify, and strengthen your horse's coat. This will also make your horse’s coat SO SOFT!  

The Rehydrinse contains anti-static properties to help repel dirt and dust, to help keep your horse cleaner. You'll notice reduced grooming time for up to 5-7 days after applying Rehydrinse. To use, bathe your horse then sponge on the Equifuse Rehydrinse. Do not rinse. The leave-in conditioner stays on your horse's skin and coat for long-lasting benefit. Smells great, too!

For best results, we recommend using this product in combination with the EquiFUSE Sulfate Free Shampoo, CitraCreme Deep Conditioner, and the Gleam Moisturizer.