Deluxe Dressage FMP Bridle (White)

Regular price $239.00

We have put together one of the most stunning bridles for the Friesians on the market today. Your Friesian will stand out in this bridle!  Our bridles match our saddles with the choice of white or gold lined. These bridles fit the Friesians and you will LOVE the way your Friesian looks in this classy deluxe Friesian Bridle. We use this bridle on all of our Friesians and just love it. We picked the soft rubber reins to go with this bridle for the extra grip that is provides.

 The FMP Friesian Bridles feature a soft padded cut-back crown, white or gold lined V-shaped Swarovski Crystal browband with matching ornate accents. White lined cavesson has flash attached, but fully removable as needed. Complete with soft rubber reins for grip and comfort. Made with Quality Imported leather.

Your Friesian will look elegant in this deluxe dressage bridle. You will love it!