About Us: Friesian Tack Emporium

Welcome to the Friesian Marketplace Tack Emporium! We have been working for several years designing and selecting tack and other products to use on our Friesians and we want to share with all Friesian owners! These are our absolute favorite things that we use every day on our lovely Friesians. All of our items on our Friesian Favorite list we have selected because they fit well, are easy to use, are durable AND they look just phenomenal! No more looking around trying to find tack and products that work for your Friesian. The Friesian Marketplace Tack Emporium is a one stop shop for all Friesian needs. We have tried all of these products, and we recommend all of them! We are so excited about offering these quality products to all of the wonderful Friesian owners. 


Contact us at (864)-430-9262 

or email us at kelsey@friesianmarketplace.com